1. The Tasco Zoom Spotting Scope is an excellent scope for anyone. I used to have a Leupold scope but I think this one is mush better. This one also costs cheaper compared to my previous brand. I can enjoy extremely clear images even if I am targeting at 250 yards. I am really happy with my purchase. It is a great scope with a great price.

  2. I have been enjoying this scope for some time. It can be used for any activities. I used mine for shooting practice. I know that this device can last longer because it is made from the highest quality of materials. I can get clear and crispy image anytime even if I am zooming in. The angle ocular is really a great help in contouring your neck so that you can enjoy having a clearer view. One of the things that I admire about it is it comes in a nice aluminum case which enables me to carry it around no matter where I go. It is a really good scope that you can enjoy.

  3. When this scope was delivered last week, it was placed in a hard case which is really very beautiful. It also has a soft bag but I think it will not be useful. It has a large scope which allows me to view the moon, the stars and even Jupiter. I really enjoyed my viewing and I would definitely recommend this to all my friends. My children use it during nightime because they want to view the stars. They are really impressed because of the clear views that they get. I have no regrets in buying this product and I even get it at a reasonable price. I know that this product can last longer because it is made of quality materials.

  4. After I received this item, I tested it right away. I am really satisfied with my Tasco Zoom Spotting Scope because it is very clear in long distances up to 200 yards. Although, I think that the tripod is quite shaky but it is still good. This is a great product for its cost. The scope has a case for its protection.

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